Food Styling

Food Styling

“Food styling is part of a committed creative team, dedicated to orchestrating a shot with intricate detail, and at the same time work quickly, be prepared for any number of changes in a moments notice, and always, ready to go when the camera is.”

FOODbyDesign brings creative and styling skills to editorial, POS, TV, film, videos and commercial photography. Take a view through our still photography portfolio below.

The full FOODbyDesign is below. Take your time to review it and contact us when you’re ready to schedule your next shoot.

Video Portfolio

FOODbyDesign also works extensively in the film and television industries. Click here for our video portfolio.

  • rack of pork food styling
  • deep fried appetizer food styling photography
  • Breakfast waffles
  • Canadian Bee Bacon Photo - Food Styling Canada
  • salad food styling and photography
  • food styling and photography of ribs
  • Photography and Food Styling of Dessert Bars
  • burger fast food photography and food styling
  • steak - food photography and styling
  • Savour Calgary Food Styling 7497-M
  • Duck Breast Dinner
  • Butternut Squash Soup in Bowl - professional food styling